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 What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business intelligence aims to support better business decision-making. Thus, a BI system can be called a decision support system. 
BI uses technologies, processes, and applications to analyze mostly internal, structured data and business processes. BI makes it possible for people at all levels of an organization:
a. To analyze data to make better decisions, and 
b. To disseminate the data through out the organization for better co-ordination.
BI can also collate data through multiple data sources, e.g. actual transactional data from an ERP system and planning and target data from Excel to have automated combined plan vs. actual variance reports.
Who can benefit from Business Intelligence (BI)?
• End-Users who can rapidly deploy packaged BI solutions which are either competitive or superior to traditional commercial offerings at a dramatically lower cost
• .NET developers who can use project components to rapidly assemble custom BI solutions
• ISVs who can enhance the value and capability of their solutions by embedding BI functionality
What are the benefits of Business Intelligence (BI)?
• BI software provides information to all levels in an organization, e.g. operational reports to junior management and drill down MIS to top management.
• BI reduces manual labour required in the preparation of MIS and Reports
• BI also reduces the time to report thus ensuring timely decision making
• End users can customize reports allowing for quicker access to required MIS
• A BI software will also provide for visual dashboards which allow executives to get a complete view of critical data and operating parameters
What is a dashboard?
A dashboard in BI is a screen of data and information, often arranged in charts and visual elements such as gauges, color codes and images. It aims to provide critical operating parameters of an organization to the reader in a similar way as an automobile’s dashboard provides operating parameters to the driver of the automobile. A dashboard may also allow the reader to interact with the information through filters and drilldowns applied through gestures through touch screens or mouse clicks. 
What is a KPI?
KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. An organization may organize critical operating parameters are Key Performance Indicators which are shown on dashboards through visual images, e.g. traffic lights showing red for adverse, yellow for neutral and green for positive. Some example KPIs are:
• Day Sales Outstanding
• Credit Limit Variance
• No of days stock
• Overdue Receivable % 
• Inventory Turnover
• Inventory Age
What is Orqubit BI?
Orqubit BI is a business intelligence tool developed by Orchid Technical Consultancy P Ltd, a company based out of Calcutta, India. The tool supports most BI technologies including in-memory analysis and OLAP. It also works with a variety of database platforms (for list please refer question below).  
Orqubit BI has a connector for Tally.ERP9 which allows for quick and reliable import of data. Connection technology for Quickbooks is also available.
Does Orqubit BI work with different applications and databases?
Orqubit BI can work with a variety of data platforms:
• Oracle
• SQL Server
• Sybase
• Microsoft Access
• DB2
• Excel
• Foxbase
• dBase
• Foxpro
• Any other ODBC compliant database 
It can also work with a variety of ERP applications:
• Tally
• SAP R/3 and SAP Business One
• Oracle E-Business Suite
• PeopleSoft
• JD Edwards
• Microsoft Dynamics
• Microsoft Navision
• Ramco
• Custom ERPs and other applications
How is Orqubit BI different from reports available in ERPs and other reporting applications?
A standard ERP or other reporting applications would generally provided users with a standard set of static reports, e.g. a salesperson’s analysis for a given date range. These reports are limited and are not modifiable by the user. Typically the user would download the data into Excel and then prepare the different MIS required by Management. 
Orqubit BI allows the users to create different reports using the same data source. Continuing with the above example a salesperson’s orders and sales can be given as a report. Thereafter, the user may prepare a customer wise salesperson wise report, salesperson wise customer wise report or order closure success rate by salesperson, and even arrange these sub-reports by week, month, quarter, year, etc. The user can also, within seconds, customize the report to show a monthly comparison and variance with respect to previous month or same month in the previous year. Orqubit BI would also allow drill down of the data from a summary report to a detailed report. Graphical charting of the reports would also be available based on the user requirement. So, if the user wanted to include a summary of the analysis made by a bar chart in a powerpoint it could be done within seconds.


Featured Projects

  • Keventer Agro
    Keventer Agro

     FMCG: Analytics for sales schemes and credit notes issued. Integrated with custom application.




  • Tata Consultancy Services
    Tata Consultancy Services

    IT: Orqubit BI Tally Connector for connectivity and data exchange with Tally.ERP9

  • Transways Wine
    Transways Wine

    Supply Chain Management: Sales, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Reports for slice and dice analysis. Fully integrated with Tally ERP


  • Presto

     Retail: Sales MIS and Analytics and Web Portals for Order Management, Material Despatch Status and Customer Ledgers. Fully integrated with Tally ERP with multi location deployment


  • Damodar Ropeways
    Damodar Ropeways

    Infrastructure and construction: Expense tracking and other MIS, reports and analytics. BI solution integrated with Tally ERP 

  • Keventer Fresh
    Keventer Fresh

    Supply Chain Management:  Chain Management: Analytics for sales, inventory movements and holding and other MIS, reports and analytics. BI solution integrated with Tally ERP

  • Boston Financial Advisory Group
    Boston Financial Advisory Group

    Services: MIS and Reporting Solutions for clients alongwith web dashboards for direct client access. Integration of Tally.ERP9 and Qlikview

  • Mens & Boys
    Mens & Boys

    Retail: Retail and Supply Chain Analytics and SMS integration for reporting of store sales. Excel and SMS integration for capturing purchase, inventory and sales data.

  • Maha Electronics -
    Maha Electronics -

    Services: Business Analytics, Reporting and Consolidation solution for 30 odd branches and corporate office. Integrated solution with Tally ERP


  • Electro Allied corporation
    Electro Allied corporation

    Capital Goods: Procurement Management through consolidation of multiple project material requirement and auto purchase order placement. Integrated with Tally ERP

  • Pallishree

    Seeds: Expense, sales and debtors reports and MIS. Integrated with Tally ERP with multi location deployment



  • Urbana: Real Estate:
    Urbana: Real Estate:

    Real Estate: Reports and MIS for Directors based on existing real estate specific ERP.



  • Automotive Manufacturers
    Automotive Manufacturers

    Automobile: Integration of Tally.ERP9 data with Oracle based Dealer Management Systems for analytics and reporting

  • Intrasoft Technologies Ltd
    Intrasoft Technologies Ltd

    IT: Consolidation, P&L, Balance Sheet, Quarterly Stock Exchange Submissions, MIS, Cost Centre and other reports using Orqubit BI and Orqubit BI Excel Interface

  • Africom LDA, Mozambique
    Africom LDA, Mozambique

    Retail & Distribution: MIS and analytics for sales and inventory.

For Tally ERP9

Orqubit BI comes with a Tally Connector and pre-packaged reports and dashboards covering Sales, Purchase, Accounts More


Orqubit BI for use with SAP R/3 can cover your reporting and dashboard needs for various areas of your business like Sales  More

For Custom applications

Orqubit BI has an open backend which allows us to work with data from multiple database platforms. The following platforms are supported More

For Excel

Orqubit BI is a reporting platform which can collect data from a variety of data sources. We can customize import of data from SMS, Excel More